Who is the OnlyChickintheHouse

Hello ladies, Elaine here, for those of you who don’t know me just a little bit about myself.

Living 7 miles west of Dingle with wonderful husband and two energetic, fit and healthy, sports mad boys.  One age 7, the other 5.5 – enough said ! Ye know how busy I am. And that’s just at home – throw in the part time job and the energy levels slump some more.

Living in whats considered to be a fairly remote part of the county at some times of the year, looking around there are so many families with just boys and because we are all so busy we just don’t get to meet the Mom’s all that often – other than at the school gate !

So I’m blogging to connect with Mom’s who live the same busy lives as I do but at the end of the day loving every minute of the rush, the chats, the tears, the smiles.

My interests are just like your’s – fashion, style, Cookery, Fitness, Nutrition, Kids life, Interior Design, Sport and all other things that cross my daily path.

All views are my own,

Enjoy, E,x

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